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Pinewood Derby Cars

The S&W Crafts Pinewood Derby Car is the finest Pinewood Racer available. We have been making Pinewood Racers for over 50 years and know what it takes to supply you with the best car on the market. Our Pinewood Derby kits are made with soft wood that is easy to cut, carve and sand for children and adults. Our wheels are virtually unbreakable and each wheel is held in place with a smooth shaft screw that fits into a wood dowel axle housing. This makes the car completely tunable so you can build the fastest and best looking car possible. It also allows both adults and children to have a successful experience building a Pinewood Derby car together.
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Pinewood Racer
Our Price: $4.25

This basic kit is ready for imaginations to fly. It comes with our basic Derby Racer block, wood dowel and tunable screws make up the axle assembly and virtually unbreakable wheels.
Pinewood Racer with 4x4 Kit
Our Price: $6.60

The 4x4 truck kit is exactly what you need if you want to race a truck! This kit comes with all the 4x4 parts for building your own derby truck including: risers (lift kit), drive shafts, gear box, cab lights, spare tire, and truck bed sides.
Pinewood Racer with Fender Kit
Our Price: $6.75

Make your Derby Car into a Ferrari or a 57’ Chevy or anything that requires a wheel well.
Pinewood One Cut Racer
Our Price: $5.35

This simply designed One Cut car is ready to decorate without the need for tools.
Pinewood One Cut Plus Racer
Our Price: $5.60

The Once Cut Plus Pinewood Racer adds a small wedge to the back of the derby car.
Pinewood Curve Cut Racer
Our Price: $6.95

Our Curve Cut Racer has a wave pattern on the front of the car. It's an alternative to the one cut in style.
Pinewood Four Cut Racer
Our Price: $8.55

The Pinewood Four Cut Racer has had the front, the back and the sides cut off at an angle to give you a head start on building your car. Let the imagination begin.
Pinewood Curvvy Cut Racer
Our Price: $7.30

The Cuvvy Cut Racer is a fun wave like car that is sure to catch everyone eye and a child’s imagination.
Pinewood Wedge Cut Racer
Our Price: $5.35

This almost iconic Pinewood Derby® Car has been growing in popularity for years. With a low profile, it just looks fast.
The S&W Crafts Pinewood Derby Car has been used by the Royal Rangers since their founding in the early 1960’s and is still used today. The S&W Crafts Ranger Derby Car has become synonymous with all Royal Rangers running a derby and building Derby Cars. We are the original makers of the screw axle, round wooden dowel and narrow wheeled car the Royal Rangers have come to love. The Ranger Derby car kit is unique among all the Pinewood Derby cars on the market. S&W Crafts prides itself on maintaining the original design with Made in America kits. Yes, that’s right; our car is made in the USA. It always has been.

We have come to know a lot of Royal Rangers over the years and feel a sense of duty to provide you with the best Royal Ranger Pinewood Derby Car we can.

Our Pinewood Derby kits are also used by a wide variety of groups across the country. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Royal Rangers, YMCA's (Indian Guides, Y-Guides, Indian Princess’s, Adventure Guides), Boys & Girls Clubs, Caravans, Pathfinders, Pathlighters, AWANA, Cadets, CSB (Christian Service Brigade), Corporate Picnics, School Science Classes, Churches, City Parks & Recreation Departments, After School Programs, Birthday Parties, Child Day Care Facilities, VBS and Summer Day Camps.