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Pinewood Racer 4x4 Kit
Our Price: $2.35

The 4x4 Kit will easily convert your S&W Derby Car into a great looking truck! This kit comes with all the parts you need including: risers (lift kit), drive shafts, gear box, cab lights, spare tire, and truck bed sides.
Pinewood Racer Fender Kit
Our Price: $2.50

Turn your Derby Car into one that has fender. Make a Ferrari, a 57’ Chevy or anything that requires a wheel well.
Pinewood Racer Headlight Kit
Our Price: $0.45

This small wood button will add headlights or side view mirrors with just a little glue.
Pinewood Racer Steering Wheel Kit
Our Price: $0.35

If you want a small wood steering wheel, that can be easily painted, this is the right product for you.