Pinewood Racer

To shape the car:
  1. Saw any straight line cuts.
  2. Shape with shaping stick. [#40 sandpaper glued to a 1" x 9" piece of wood]
  3. Shape concave surfaces by wrapping sandpaper around a pencil or a dowel.
  4. Finish sanding with #100 or finer sandpaper.
  5. Seal wood before painting. White glue thinned with water can be brushed on the wood to seal the grain. Do not seal if using acrylic paint.
  6. For weights use the S&W weights or drill holes and add lead.
Contest specifications for the car:
  1. Finished dimensions not to exceed: Width - 2 3/4", Length - 7 1/2", Height - 3", Weight - 6 oz.
  2. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings not allowed.
  3. Lubricating is permissible. Graphite is the best, not oil.
  4. Car must be free wheeling - no starting attachments allowed.