Derby Drag Strip

These pictures are worth a thousand words.
  1. The starting gate is one of the 2, 12" plastic track pieces.
  2. The tall upright posts are held together with one 12" and one 6" plastic piece.
  3. Tighten the lower screw on the tall posts to hold the first section in place. 
  4. The short posts are held in place with two 6" plastic pieces. Then the short posts are screwed to the middle hole in the second Track section.
  5. The Track sections, shown below, are bolted together. The rest of the Track just nests together with no bolts. Overlap each section about 3". Just set the starting area of the Track on the top of a table, and you are ready to race your cars. Stop the cars at the end of the Track, with a towel, jacket, blanket, sweatshirt, "any ol thing".